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About Us

Founded in 2008, Vivian jewelry had different perspective on jewelry, which emphasized on the unique hand-craftsmanship to make each piece appear as a natural art-pieco.

The challenging perspective led vivian jewelry to consider natural as its motif when making each individual piece of jewelry step by step.

Vivian grow up under two very artistic parents and studied illustration herself in college and during post-college. Passionate about the vast world of art and beauty. she came to NYC in 1999 in desire to expand her knowledge.

IN NYC, she continued to paint while giving private lessons.Her painting were shown at local galleries and some outstanding pieces were even sold. As she continued her life with art.
She was offered a job at a costom hand made jewelry as a jewelry designer where she started designing freely.

What began as a simple job has now become her passion. Now running her own design company.
Vivian decided to add more uniqueness to her pieces by incorporating natural into her designs. which to this day expresses the beauty of nature.